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Empowering Wanderlust: A Podcast Success Story

Behind the Scenes of “No Tourists Allowed” – Crafting a Travel Podcast that Inspires and Educates


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No Tourists Allowed



About InteleTravel & Custom Travel Solutions

InteleTravel and Custom Travel Solutions, two distinguished entities in the travel domain, have come together for a unique collaboration. InteleTravel, a master in orchestrating tailor-made travel experiences, excels in alleviating the burdens of trip planning. With their adept travel advisors, InteleTravel ensures that travelers embark on seamless and enriching journeys, thanks to their meticulous attention to detail and access to exclusive deals.

Custom Travel Solutions, a visionary in the travel industry, empowers organizations with its cutting-edge platform that offers elite, members-only travel and lifestyle benefits. With an extensive network and deep-rooted expertise in travel technology, Custom Travel Solutions is a catalyst in making aspirational travel accessible, while bolstering brand loyalty and revenues for organizations. Together, InteleTravel and Custom Travel Solutions represent a synergy of personalized travel planning and exclusive travel benefits, bringing the best of both worlds to their clientele.

The Podcast

No Tourists Allowed – An Insider’s Guide to Travel” is a groundbreaking podcast produced by Podcast Studio X for the travel aficionados InteleTravel and Custom Travel Solutions. This podcast is a treasure trove of insider knowledge, tips, and experiences, aimed at empowering travelers to explore the world more efficiently and economically.

Hosted by the charismatic duo, Mike Putman of Custom Travel Solutions and James Ferrara of InteleTravel, “No Tourists Allowed” takes listeners on a journey through the hidden gems of the travel industry. With their extensive experience and insider access, Mike and James delve into the art of traveling smarter, spending less, and experiencing more.

What sets this podcast apart is the caliber of guests it features. Industry executives from giants like Carnival Cruises, Trip Advisor, and Virgin Voyages grace the show, sharing invaluable insights and behind-the-scenes stories that are rarely accessible to the average traveler.

Recorded remotely by Podcast Studio X, the podcast ensures high-quality audio and seamless production, allowing the hosts and guests to focus on delivering enriching content.

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How Podcast Studio X Amplified "No Tourists Allowed"

At Podcast Studio X, we believe in the power of storytelling, and our collaboration with “No Tourists Allowed” was centered around transforming the raw passion of the hosts into a polished and captivating podcast series. Here’s how we played an instrumental role in elevating the podcast:

Crafting a Digital Presence: Understanding the importance of a digital footprint, we designed and developed a bespoke website for the podcast. The website serves as a hub for all episodes, transcripts, and exclusive content, providing listeners with a one-stop destination for everything related to “No Tourists Allowed.”

Artistic Brilliance: A podcast’s visual identity is as vital as its content. Our creative team designed an eye-catching cover art that encapsulates the essence of the show. The artwork, coupled with engaging titles and descriptions for each episode, ensures that the podcast stands out in a sea of content.

Pristine Audio Quality: Our audio engineers worked meticulously on editing and post-production to ensure that each episode boasts pristine audio quality. From eliminating background noise to balancing audio levels, we made sure that listeners can immerse themselves in the stories and insights shared by the hosts and guests.

Seamless Distribution: To maximize reach, we took charge of distributing the podcast across multiple platforms. Whether it’s Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts, we ensured that “No Tourists Allowed” is accessible to a global audience.

Transcripts for Accessibility: Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do. We provided transcripts for each episode, making the content accessible to a diverse audience, including those who are hearing-impaired or prefer reading over listening.

At Podcast Studio X, we were not just service providers; we were partners in bringing to life a podcast that educates, entertains, and inspires travelers around the world.

The Results: A Journey of Success and Impact

The collaboration between “No Tourists Allowed” and Podcast Studio X culminated in a podcast series that has made waves in the travel community. Here’s a glimpse into the remarkable results achieved:

Avid Listener Base: Since its launch, “No Tourists Allowed” has garnered an avid listener base. The engaging content, coupled with high-quality production, has resonated with travel enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. The podcast has seen a steady growth in subscribers and listeners, with positive feedback pouring in from across the globe.

Industry Recognition: The podcast’s insightful discussions and interviews with industry giants have not gone unnoticed. “No Tourists Allowed” has received accolades and recognition from within the travel industry, establishing itself as a credible and authoritative voice in travel.

Enhanced Digital Presence: The bespoke website created by Podcast Studio X has become a focal point for the podcast’s online presence. With an intuitive design and easy access to episodes and transcripts, the website has seen high traffic and engagement levels, further amplifying the podcast’s reach.

Diverse Audience: The availability of transcripts and distribution across multiple platforms has enabled “No Tourists Allowed” to reach a diverse audience. The podcast has been successful in breaking barriers and making travel insights accessible to all, regardless of geographical or physical constraints.

Strengthened Brands: The success of the podcast has had a ripple effect on the brands of InteleTravel and Custom Travel Solutions. The exposure and positive reception have strengthened their brand image and positioned them as thought leaders in the travel space.

Community Building: Perhaps one of the most significant achievements has been the creation of a community. “No Tourists Allowed” has become a space where travel enthusiasts and industry insiders come together to share experiences, knowledge, and passion for travel.

“No Tourists Allowed” has achieved remarkable success in terms of listenership, industry recognition, audience diversity, brand strengthening, and community building. Podcast Studio X is proud to have been a part of this journey, and we look forward to the continued growth and impact of “No Tourists Allowed.”